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1738 Union St. Suite 300,
San Francisco, California 94123

Phone: 415-518-3485


Training & Experience

  • Years in Practice: 25 Years
  • School: California School of Professional Psychology
  • Year Graduated: 1993
  • License No. and State: PSY14801 California
Hello, I am Dr. Louis (Lou) Morello, a San Francisco psychologist and psychotherapist with a specific emphasis on individual psychotherapy.  My work is dedicated to helping a person make difficult and challenging changes, reach a more satisfying personal life and maintain a higher level of functioning with oneself and relationally with others.

As a psychologist I evaluate and treat individuals who seek help for depression, anxiety, life dissatisfaction (e.g., in relationships and work), PTSD, Acute Stress Reaction and Relational Trauma (e.g., childhood abuse and emotional neglect).   I also have 25+ years of experience treating people who struggle with substance use and who may have a co-occurring depression, anxiety, trauma and/or compulsive behaviors.  Sometimes, the problems and emotional themes are difficult to put into words, and instead are embodied and played/acted out in compulsive behaviors (e.g., addictions, emotional eating), and interpersonally.  I facilitate in a comfortable manner a person’s ability to notice, observe, and reflect on the experience while regulating emotions (that were once avoided).  This process promotes language, a narrative and a working-through integration.

You do not have to be in crisis to be in therapy. You may be interested in personal growth and/or growth as part of long-term recovery. You may be interested in learning about and experiencing more of yourself to rediscover meaning and passion in your life (especially after a loss), and you may want to improve your connection and sense of belonging to others (sometimes to stop distressing interpersonal patterns).

In your search for a therapist it is important that the therapist is experienced, well trained and someone with whom you feel emotionally safe to talk.  I also believe that a meaningful portion of the therapist’s current practice should be devoted to the types of problems/concerns you plan to bring to the therapy.  Call me and let’s talk.  I’ll answer your questions, and we can decide if working together would be a good fit.  There is no obligation from the phone consultation. I am also willing to help you find a therapist that fits your specific needs.

Areas of Focus 

People see me for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety (General free-floating; Social, Specific Phobia)
  • PTSD and Relational Trauma (sometimes referred to as Complex PTSD resulting from chronic, enduring parent-child disruption/maltreatment, such as childhood abuse and emotional neglect
  • Addiction/Substance Abuse and Dependence
    • Breaking the Cycle of Misuse (Harm Reduction and Process towards Abstinence)
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Long-Term Recovery (a maturational process)
  • Co-Occurring Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Sexual issues or Trauma occurring with Active Substance Misuse)
  • Compulsive Enactments (e.g., emotional overeating, sex, porn, somatization, procrastination, avoidance behaviors)
  • Codependency/Boundary Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Painful Life Transitions (may involve a relationship, career, health)
  • Maladaptive Relational Patterns
  • Relationship and Attachment issues
  • Interest in Personal Growth and Healing of Shame

Please explore this website to learn more about my practice and me.