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1738 Union St em spielplan herunterladen. Suite 300,
San Francisco, California 94123

Phone: 415-518-3485


Training & Experience

Hello, I am Dr. Louis (Lou) Morello, a San Francisco psychologist and psychotherapist with a specific emphasis on individual psychotherapy.  My work is dedicated to helping a person make difficult and challenging changes, reach a more satisfying personal life and maintain a higher level of functioning with oneself and relationally with others netflix serien auf mac downloaden.

As a psychologist I evaluate and treat individuals who seek help for depression, anxiety, life dissatisfaction (e.g., in relationships and work), PTSD, Acute Stress Reaction and Relational Trauma (e.g., childhood abuse and emotional neglect) easyjet plus map.   I also have 25+ years of experience treating people who struggle with substance use and who may have a co-occurring depression, anxiety, trauma and/or compulsive behaviors.  Sometimes, the problems and emotional themes are difficult to put into words, and instead are embodied and played/acted out in compulsive behaviors (e.g., addictions, emotional eating), and interpersonally.  I facilitate in a comfortable manner a person’s ability to notice, observe, and reflect on the experience while regulating emotions (that were once avoided).  This process promotes language, a narrative and a working-through integration filmeen ohne abo.

You do not have to be in crisis to be in therapy. You may be interested in personal growth and/or growth as part of long-term recovery. You may be interested in learning about and experiencing more of yourself to rediscover meaning and passion in your life (especially after a loss), and you may want to improve your connection and sense of belonging to others (sometimes to stop distressing interpersonal patterns) dateien vom ftp server herunterladen.

In your search for a therapist it is important that the therapist is experienced, well trained and someone with whom you feel emotionally safe to talk.  I also believe that a meaningful portion of the therapist’s current practice should be devoted to the types of problems/concerns you plan to bring to the therapy.  Call me and let’s talk.  I’ll answer your questions, and we can decide if working together would be a good fit.  There is no obligation from the phone consultation horse life kostenlos downloaden vollversion. I am also willing to help you find a therapist that fits your specific needs.

Areas of Focus 

People see me for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety (General free-floating; Social, Specific Phobia)
  • PTSD and Relational Trauma (sometimes referred to as Complex PTSD resulting from chronic, enduring parent-child disruption/maltreatment, such as childhood abuse and emotional neglect
  • Addiction/Substance Abuse and Dependence
    • Breaking the Cycle of Misuse (Harm Reduction and Process towards Abstinence)
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Long-Term Recovery (a maturational process)
  • Co-Occurring Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Sexual issues or Trauma occurring with Active Substance Misuse)
  • Compulsive Enactments (e.g., emotional overeating, sex, porn, somatization, procrastination, avoidance behaviors)
  • Codependency/Boundary Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Painful Life Transitions (may involve a relationship, career, health)
  • Maladaptive Relational Patterns
  • Relationship and Attachment issues
  • Interest in Personal Growth and Healing of Shame

Please explore this website to learn more about my practice and me herunterladen.